Snooty Nudies

Gouache on paper


This is an ongoing series rooted in a cathartic exploration of the female condition which began as a form of meditation during the last stages of my pregnancy. 

Sketching the female figure became a way to cope with the physical and mental changes that were beginning to take place. Abstracting, distorting, leaving imperfections, allowing myself to draw freely and playfully became  an escape from the unknowns of pregnancy and the life altering events awaiting. 

Drawing inspiration from Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, & Auguste Rodin's nudes, I am searching for beauty in imperfection, and playing on the ambiguities of life by allowing the paintings to take shape and tell a story organically. 


A Short Study In Reverie 

11" x 13" Gouache on vintage paper



Garden Musings

ink on paper



28 faces 

Ink on paper



jungle ladies 

Watercolour on paper



Forty winks 

11' x 14' Gouache on paper



someone else's memories 

11' x 13' Gouache on paper